Our Approach

The After School Project, Inc is a four-year program that prepares students for success in high school and college. We use a holistic approach that begins with students right before entering high school and follows them through high school and into college. All services are free of charge and includes:

College Exposure & Readiness

Each student will be assigned a success coach according to their grade level and year. We provide high quality and targeted test preparation from experienced tutors. ASP students are also exposed to college life through local and out-of-state college tours. They will receive hands on college experiences and will be guided through a smooth transition into college.

Academic Support

Each student will receive academic support from their success coaches and other support staff, ensuring they are taking the right classes and receiving the tutoring they need. Students will have homework help, learn study skills, and time and stress management skills as well. Students will have access to one-on-one academic support.

Peer group and counseling

Each student will have an opportunity to attend peer counseling with other students to discuss issues they’re are facing as a group or community. They will also have access to a licensed counselor for a one-on-one counseling session as needed.

Job Readiness

Students will have access to job opportunities and internships as available. Each student will have an opportunity for hands on job training during the summer and throughout the school year. They will receive training and assistance on the application process, resume building and writing, and interview tools/skills.

Community Service

Giving back to the community is a key component in promoting the development of these students. Each student will gain at least 40 community service hours throughout their involvement in the program.

Leadership and Development

Students will have the opportunity to gain leadership experiences through our leadership program by accessing different trades and training and utilizing those learned skills to teach their peers and lead a group of like-minded individuals.

Financial Assistance

Each student will have the opportunity to gain stipends, fee waivers, and scholarships toward their education according to need and/or availability.

Recreation & Extracurricular Activities

Each student will have the opportunity to engage in creative activities that are safe, fun, and educational. Specialists will be available to provide workshops including visual arts, crafts, dance, music, and sports. Students will also have the opportunity for ‘down time’ or stress relief while engaging in approved games. Organized and special events and parties will also be open to students.


Students can earn special trips, gift cards, and other rewards for active participation, cooperation, and successful completion of program activities.

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